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Our Objectives

Our company’s main objective is to provide our customers with whole life insurance quotes from the top providers of insurance policies in the industry. We offer you competitive prices that compare apples with apples. Our customer service is very friendly as we strive to customize our services to your specific needs. In a few clicks, you can get quotes from the most professional and trusted insurance service providers in the country.

What is Whole Life Insurance Policy

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    Whole life insurance is the most popular type of insurance policy where the holder is guaranteed that a fixed amount will be paid to his/her beneficiary upon death. With Whole Life Insurance policy, premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on contract terms.

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    One major advantage of this policy is that the owner can take a loan against the value of the policy if there is an emergency to take care of or an opportunity that must be utilized. If the insured discontinues his payment or terminates it, there is still an amount that can be collected as stipulated in the contract.

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    A whole life insurance policy guarantees that your family will not suffer financially when you are gone. This can be a life saver for the dependants of a deceased especially when the unexpected happens suddenly.

Types of Whole Life Insurance Policy

There are three basic types of Whole Life Insurance policy, the difference between all three is in the amount of risk the owner is willing to take. All three are significantly different enough that you can be sure one of them will fit your needs perfectly.

1. Universal

This is the oldest and safest type of Whole Life Insurance.
Here, a portion of the premium paid goes into a guaranteed a portion of the premium paid goes into a guaranteed sum which is to be paid upon demise of the owner while the rest is put in savings or a minimal risk investment.

2. Variable Life

Variable life is more or less the opposite of Universal. Here, more of the premium goes into an investment in the insurance company’s fund. This type of whole life insurance is a bit risky because the returns on investment can affect the sum paid upon the death of the insured whether positively or negatively.

3. Variable Universal

The Variable Universal policy is more flexible that the Universal and also less risky than the variable life. As the name implies, this is a hybrid of the variable and universal whole life insurance. It is similar to the universal in that there is a guaranteed sum that can be paid upon the deathof the policy holder.The Variable Universal policy is more flexible that the Universal and also less risky than the variable life.

Benefits of a Whole Life Insurance Policy

There are lots of benefits to taking up a Whole Life Insurance Policy. The top five reasons why you should start planning to take one are:

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    You are Covered for Your Whole Life:

    Unlike Term insurance policies, the whole life insurance covers you all through your life time, even if you live up to a hundred years. This should put your mind at rest that your dependants will be taken care of regardless of the timing of your death.

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    Tax free Investment Vehicle:

    We all know how tax can eat up a significant chunk of any investment. This insurance policy will provide tax free benefits to your beneficiaries.

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    Provision for Emergency Cash Needs:

    The cash that is built up as savings or investment in the policy provides you with a respite in times of urgent need because you can claim or take a loan against it.

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How to Choose the Best Whole Life Insurance Policy

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Know How Much You Need

The first step which is probably the most important is to know exactly how much you want your beneficiary to get. To decide this, you might want to consider the cost of burial and possible debts.Once you have decided on this, you can then proceed to get our quotes from different Whole Life Insurance service providers.

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Shop Around

There are many insurance companies in the country that can provide you whole life insurance policies, that is why it is best to get quotes and advise from us get quotes and advise from us. We can get you valuable information about what is obtainable all over the insurance industry.

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Employ Expert Services

Every step of guaranteeing a safe and secure future for your family is very important.Getting Whole Life Insurance quotes from us means you already started well, we will give you the best options of similar products without the stress of jumping from one website to another looking for the perfect deal.

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Consider Your Specific Needs

Even though most of us need Whole Life insurance Services, there are still needs that are peculiar to each of us which must be considered. These may include debt, risk tolerance, estate size, special health conditions, etc. Contact us today for a thorough analysis of what you really need.